Revolutionising Surveying Work with GNSS Surveying Equipment

Revolutionising Surveying Work with GNSS Surveying Equipment

Surveying work is all about accuracy. However, attaining optimal accuracy with conventional surveying equipment takes a considerable amount of time and an entire team, with multiple visits. Survey equipment suppliers and manufacturers began to realise this, and so they started looking for new solutions. One of those solutions is GNSS surveying equipment.

The difficulties of conventional surveying equipment

Conventional surveying equipment tends to require extensive time, effort and training to be effective. The first issue that is born from this is the resulting high labour costs, because the surveyors are putting in all those hours for both work and training, and that costs money. Another common issue was that of conditions: most conventional surveying equipment requires clear line of sight to be effective, which is not always convenient or possible. If weather conditions are not ideal then the equipment becomes ineffective and you would lose time while waiting, literally, for better days.

Another fun fact: some old methods made use of compasses. However, you would have to ensure that the needle is not subject to any friction, otherwise this would completely throw off your direction and overall accuracy.

How is GNSS surveying equipment better?

GNSSs (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) make use of GPS, Glonass & Galileo satellites in orbit to accurately find specific positions on the Earth. GNSS systems have fast become among of the most successful surveying equipment types for sale because they effectively eliminate the issues mentioned above.

Because these systems make use of satellite data, line of sight is no longer necessary. And because these systems can accurately pinpoint positions on the Earth’s surface without needing to actually see them weather conditions are no longer an obstacle either as the satellites can still locate your position. All you need to do is select the optimum points for measurement, without concern for the weather or terrain, and a computer system can handle all the necessary calculations for you.

Another hurdle that is averted with GNSS survey equipment is the time factor. Whereas some studies have shown an entire team taking more than a hundred hours to record roughly 1500 geographical points with conventional equipment, GNSS systems have been shown to record more than 5000 points in just over 24 hours! A rough calculation indicates that a single surveyor with a GPS system can operate twice as fast as an entire conventional team.

Be sure to get the best

Although GNSS surveying equipment sounds like a blessing without any disguises, you shouldn’t just go out and buy the first system you find. You need to do your research on brands and equipment types as well as survey equipment suppliers. Once you have found a reputable, reliable supplier such as Afgen, who have been around since 1946, contact them and find out from the professionals exactly what is right for you. Happy, accurate surveying!

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